Identify, track,
and enforce

See every plate, catch every threat. Empower your operations with OperationsCommander's LPR technology

  • identify vehicles of interest
  • enable targeted enforcement
  • improve safety and security
  • real-time alerts and notifications

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Transform Your Operations with LPR Technology

Our single-system LPR technology will help you monitor your facility and parking areas.

One Platform - One System - One Database

One Platform
Simple interface
for all features.

One System
Modules developed
to work together.

One Database
All your data in
one place.

police tablet


Our handheld LPR was designed to put data in the hands of those that need it most.

Streamline your parking enforcement operations with OperationsCommander's innovative technology, featuring virtual chalking, vehicle plate searches, and real-time alerts and notifications for unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

Keep them safe and informed. 🅿️🚨😉


Catch every threat, See every plate

Handheld LPR with No-Touch Chalking

What Are OperationsCommander Users Saying?

We value our clients and have a team dedicated to the success of your operation.


"With the OPS-COM LPR system, we've transformed our parking management operations. With its ability to read and validate plates we can easily track vehicles and enforce parking with minimal manual intervention."

Seasoned susan

"We like OperationsCommander's interface and have found it to be intuitive and easy to use. Overall, I highly recommend the OPS-COM LPR technology to any enforcement agency looking to enhance their capabilities."

Chalk Vehicles by Driving Past Them!

This video shows OPS-COM Mobile LPR doing its thing. 😎
bing (good) 🔸 buzz (bad) 🔸 swoosh (chalk)

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