License Plate Recognition Virtual Permits


A crucial component of OPS-COMโ€™s LPR system is the fixed LPR camera tracking. Fixed LPR allows you to create a virtual permit environment and enhances your company’s enforcement and security operations by providing 24/7 monitoring.

In an LPR camera environment, you can track all known and unknown vehicles, auto-chalk all unknown vehicles, track counts of vehicles entering specific lots, and easily enforce virtual permits.

Create a Virtual Permit Environment with LPR Cameras

Replace your parking gates with fixed LPR cameras and watch all traffic disappear from your parking lots by removing all bottleneck traffic at each parking lotโ€™s entry and exit points. 

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Your 24/7 security guard!

OPS-COMโ€™s LPR system with fixed cameras can replace your gate hardware and reduce your personnel requirements. Violators would be quickly identified using the OPS-COM LPR parking ecosystem, making it harder to park illegally, and parkers with valid permits will have more trust in your parking environment, knowing that the parking space they paid for wonโ€™t be taken by other parkers. The cameras will constantly monitor vehicles coming in and out of the parking zone, adding extra security to your parking environment.

LPR Camera Benefits

  • Virtual Permitting with 24/7 frictionless enforcement
  • Autochalk all vehicles 
  • Easily identify illegal parkers
  • Monitor and count entering and exiting vehicles in each parking lot
  • 24/7 security enforcement
  • Auto notifications for hotlist vehicles
  • Auto alerts for identified illegal parkers
  • Supports free-flowing traffic 
  • Less expensive and has fewer repairs than gate hardware

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