OPS-COM Validator – Yes, we validate parking

The OPS-COM Validator allows you to efficiently validate temporary parkers, granting them permission to park in designated zones at specified times and dates, either as one time, or repeating instances. You’re able to assign a virtual permit to a car with no money charged and without creating a personal profile. All you would need is the duration of the parking and the plate number.

What is Parking Validation?
Parking validation is a service offered by businesses and organizations that allows customers to park their cars for free or at a reduced rate while conducting business with the establishment. Customers receive aย ticket or receipt that they present to the parking attendantย when exiting, confirming their use of the parking facility is authorized by the business, and the cost of parking is waived or discounted.

Do you offer free parking or have frequent guest visits?

The Validator is the perfect solution with the simplest interface.

OPS-COM Validator simplifies parking enforcement for those organizations that need to check the permit validity of the cars in their parking, whether they’re daily users or new guests.


  • Easily assign a permit to a plate at no charge
  • No need for the parker to create an account
  • Grant limited permissions to only validate plates in a specific area
  • Flexibility for dates and time of day over a span of weeks or months
  • Full reporting to monitor administrator and manager usage

OPS-COM Validator is the perfect tool for:

  • Hotels, Daycares, Conference services
  • Departments needing to validate a plate for an interview, special circumstances, new hires
  • Doctor offices that want to manage patient parking, assigning parking to match appointments
  • Any business that has limited parking but relies on appointment-based client meetings

How It Works

The validator tool is a flexible virtual permitting tool that can be set up to be used by an admin with a very specific set of permissions. It can also be set up to be used by admins outside your organization; in that case, the tool can be branded to your companyโ€™s look and feel instead of OPS-COM branding.

This tool allows you to validate temporary parkers, granting them permission to park in designated lot zones at specified times and dates, either as one-time parkers or repeating instances.

parking validator select date and time

This tool will work with enforcement operations by allowing patrols to use handheld devices to check the validity of each plate, making the process efficient and quick.

parking validation report

The validator tool also comes with comprehensive reports to easily see all the plates that were validated over time.