Customizing your security and parking management system

Customize the administration portion specific to your operations.  For a seamless implementation, we work with our clients in our kick-off project stage to gather this information to alleviate delays.  Being prepared in advance means there are no delays and your system implementation dates are met.

Customization helps ensure that the system operates to match your business logic and delivers appropriate messaging to your clients.  OPS-COM is a scalable and fully customizable cloud-based parking and security management platform.

The system can be customized using many built-in tools, or tell us what we are missing to have it included in the product roadmap.

Clients Drive Innovation

The product is turn-key, but only if that’s what you want!

Clients help drive our innovation.

OperationsCommander is a parking and security software platform guaranteed to cover +90% of existing business processes.  In most cases, the coverage is 100%, but there are always ways to improve the integration.

Clients know their business and are often reluctant to switch to a parking or security management model they are unfamiliar with.  In all cases, we work with the client to determine how to proceed and the best options to ensure the least disruption.

Clients specifically consulted on and requested many of the features that are now part of the platform.

Tailor Your OPS-COM System to Your Needs

At OPS-COM, we understand that every organization is unique, so our system offers a range of customizable features to meet your specific requirements. Here’s a breakdown of how you can personalize your OPS-COM experience:

Graphics and Images:
Make your system yours by uploading your official organization logo. Share your official brand colors to ensure consistency with your website.

Parking Lot Maps:
Provide PDF and PNG files of your parking lot maps to enhance user navigation.

Payment Processing:
Choose how you handle payments. If you already have a payment processor, provide hosted payment details. If not, we can guide you in setting up an account with a bank or third-party processor.

Payment Statements:
Craft personalized payment header statements and footers, including legal disclaimers, payment responsibilities, timeframes, and restrictions.

Receipt Customization:
Add tax numbers or other essential details to your receipt header note.

User Type Profiles:
Define user types and their specific rules. Common examples include Students (FT or PT), Staff (FT or PT), Visitors, Contractors, Guests, Bicycles, and Motorcycles.

User Type Automation:
Customize processes linked to each user type to enable user-specific customization. For example, tailor workflows, registration procedures, access permissions, and notification processes to deliver a personalized experience for every user category.

Permit Types:
Establish permit types and their respective rules. Examples include Temporary, Daily, Hourly, Monthly, Semester, Motorcycle, and Bicycle permits.

Email Communication:
Customize various email messages, including standard footers, registration notes, password change instructions, and more.

Offense Types:
Specify offense types and their associated values, ensuring seamless administration.

Parking Lots:
Name your parking lots, create abbreviated identifiers (up to 7 characters), define lot types, allocate user access, and set permit values.

User Page Settings:
Personalize your user login screen with text, graphics, colors, and headers. Add supplementary graphics, like Google Maps or aerial views.

Administrative Messages:
Tailor messages for staff schedules, maintenance notifications, updates, permit release dates, vehicle removal disclaimers, temporary permits, and more.

Violation Management:
Customize messages related to violations, including appeal confirmations, early payment offers, repeat warnings, and violation notice signatures.

With OPS-COM’s extensive customization options, you can adapt our system to your organization’s unique needs and branding, ensuring all users’ seamless and personalized experience.

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