PL8RDR Simplifies License Plate Recognition

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OperationsCommander PL8-RDR (plate reader) LPR license plate reader technology is a core technology for parking enforcement.  The technology exposes an interface that communicates between license plate recognition LPR cameras and Android handhelds.

When we set out to develop LPR enforcement, we focused on a solution that would be portable, easy to set up, and affordable. PL8RDR is all of these things and is surprisingly powerful for the small footprint of the resulting technology.

The technology is straightforward to configure, easy to master, and can be fully operational shortly after making physical connections.

Applications of License Plate Recognition Systems

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Bylaw Enforcement

License plate recognition systems can help enforcement agencies identify stolen vehicles, wanted suspects, or vehicles associated with criminal activities.

Parking Management

License plate recognition systems can be used to automate parking management, reducing labor costs and improving customer service.

Traffic Surveillance

License plate recognition systems can be used in surveillance to track the movement of vehicles and identify suspicious vehicles or activities.

What are License Plate Recognition Systems?

A license plate recognition system is a technology that uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read and capture license plate numbers from still images or video feeds. This system can accurately identify vehicles by capturing their license plate numbers and storing them in a database for future reference. License plate recognition systems can be used in various applications such as parking management, toll collection, law enforcement, and surveillance.

Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

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Benefits of License Plate Recognition Systems

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Increased Security

License plate recognition systems can help identify suspicious vehicles, stolen vehicles, or vehicles associated with criminal activities, enhancing overall security.

Improved Traffic Management

Using license plate recognition systems allows tracking the number of vehicles in a specific area, thereby improving traffic management.

Reduced Labor Costs

Automating the identification and tracking of vehicles can help reduce labor costs associated with manual tracking methods.

How License Plate Recognition Systems Work

License plate recognition systems capture license plate numbers from still images or video feeds. The system uses OCR technology to recognize and extract license plate numbers from the captured images or video. The captured license plate numbers are then stored in a database, along with other relevant information, such as the time, date, and location of the capture.

The OCR technology used in license plate recognition systems is highly accurate and can recognize license plate numbers from different angles, distances, and lighting conditions. In addition, the system can recognize license plates from different countries and states, making it a highly versatile system.

OperationsCommander provides top-of-the-line analytic specialized camera systems that integrate with license plate recognition technology, helping you achieve your security goals effectively.

We are confident that our solution will provide you with the best possible results and help you stay ahead of your competition.