Municipal Parking & Enforcement Management Software

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We understand the pain points of municipalities when it comes to parking and enforcement management. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive parking and security management platform that is designed to automate processes, improve communication, and increase efficiency.

The OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) platform includes advanced features like license plate reader (LPR), temporary parking management, and parking validation to help municipalities streamline their parking management processes and enforce regulations effectively.

How Can OperationsCommander Help?

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Efficient Parking Enforcement Tools

The platform includes a suite of parking enforcement tools that help municipalities enforce regulations efficiently. These tools include real-time communication, automated enforcement, ticket printing, and reporting.

With OPS-COM, municipalities can ensure that parking regulations are enforced effectively thus improving the overall satisfaction for residents and visitors.

On-Street and Overnight Parking

OperationsCommander offers features specifically designed to help municipalities manage on-street and overnight parking. These features help with the application of parking regulations ensuring that residents and visitors have access to safe and convenient parking options.

QR Codes, Real-time Parking Maps, and Text-to-Park

The QR code features allow visitors to register parking permits through a simple scan of a QR code. This helps to streamline the parking process and reduce the workload of municipal staff. Additionally, our real-time parking map allows visitors to view available parking in real-time, reducing the time it takes to find parking and improving the overall parking experience.

Text-to-park (Text2Park.me) is another feature of the platform that allows visitors to pay for parking or extend their parking time via text message. This feature is particularly useful for visitors who may not have access to cash or may not be able to use a mobile app to pay for parking. With Text2Park.me, visitors simply send a text message to pay for parking and receive notifications when their parking time is running out.

Comprehensive Platform

OPS-COM parking and security management platform is designed for municipalities. It includes advanced features like automated processes, real-time communication, LPR technology, temporary parking management, and parking validation to help manage parking operations more efficiently.

With the platform, municipalities can have one database for all interconnected data, allowing them to access and analyze data more effectively and make informed decisions.

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License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology

LPR technology is a cutting-edge solution that helps municipalities enforce parking regulations effectively. With this technology, municipalities can track parking violations, identify repeat offenders, and issue fines efficiently.

The license plate reader technology also allows for automated enforcement, reducing the workload of parking enforcement officers.

Temporary Parking Management

ParkAdmin includes features that allow municipalities to manage temporary parking more efficiently. This is particularly useful for events, construction, or maintenance work, where temporary parking needs to be managed effectively.

Municipalities can allocate and manage temporary parking spaces more easily and ensure that they are not misused.

Parking Validation

The parking validator module offers municipal offices a quick validation service for their visitors and residents. This feature streamlines the parking validation process and reduces the workload of parking staff since parking validation can be shared with businesses and local organizations.

Take Command of Your Parking and Security Operations

At OperationsCommander, we understand the unique needs and pain points of municipalities when it comes to parking and security management. The OPS-COM parking and security management platform is designed to address these needs by providing municipalities with advanced features like LPR technology, temporary parking management, and parking validation.

Municipalities can improve their parking operations, raise customer service levels, and increase efficiency.