Custom Integrations to Match Your Processes

Parking and security custom integrations will help to ensure a perfect match to your business process. This what makes the OPS-COM solution so scalable.

The OPS-COM platform operates an open Application Programming Interface (API). Therefore, it makes custom integrations with other providers much easier.  OPS-COM can integrate with necessary providers seamlessly, during the implementation or after the system is live. As a result, it optimizes clients business processes. With parking and security custom development, OPS-COM will integrate with the services that help you manage your parking processes better.

Security for cardholder data is imperative for any software solution that utilizes payments. As a result, PCI standards are required processes that must be in place for payment transactions.  Our OPS-COM parking and security platform uses a hosted payment model for payment processing and transactions. Hosted payment solutions removes payment processing to a secure payment page through your payment solution provider.  It is a seamless process for your clients. Furthermore, it doesn’t affect them through the payment steps, processing all information through the payment provider.  In addition, by using a hosted solutions model you will enhance cardholder security, reduce liability and offer multiple payment options.

The OPS-COM solution maintains PCI-DSS compliance. No sensitive information is stored or transferred through the OPS-COM unless absolutely necessary with strong cryptography and one-way hashes.

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