Author: Phil MacCallum

Contactless Parking Garage

20 Years of Contactless Parking

Contactless Parking During COVID-19 Before the pandemic, people would choose where to park based on factors like location, price, accessibility, etc. Now that the risk of infection is on everyoneโ€™s minds, every business or institution that offers paid parking must prioritize something else for their customers: safety from Covid-19. In parking management, this means using…

The Forks Winnipeg

FNP Parking Relies On Technology For Their Success

Integrate all necessary tools As one of the major parking suppliers for commuters and monthly parkers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, FNP Parking wants to ensure a seamless user experience especially for their premier tourist destination The Forks. Before they started using the OperationsCommander platform, FNP Parking was managing its 4,000 parking spaces through three different platforms.…

Carlton U Blog 1

Carleton University Goes Full Virtual Permit

For the last 20 years, Carleton University has used what is now known as the OperationsCommander platform to manage the parking for thousands of students, faculty, and guests. In 2001, the university started using ParkAdmin, a module of OPS-COM, to keep track of permits and streamline enforcement. The savings on administration costs were so significant…

Perth usage permitted with credit to Bwake Blog 1030x443 1

Heritage Perth Modernizes Parking with OPS-COM

The Town of Perth, located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Perth has just over 6,000 people and 20,000 in the immediate area.ย  The OPS-COM system modernizes parking. It was clear that Perth needed help to shed the “heritage” motto in this particular area. The Town manages five downtown parking lots, with parking passes and hourly rates.…