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School Parking: Generate Income by Optimizing Parking

School parking lots are essential for the smooth administration of your school; they are also an excellent source of passive income. They are usually located close to schools and universities and are often empty during non-peak hours. However, school parking lots are also a significant headache for students and parents alike. Parking lot owners constantly…

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Approaching Online Security from End-User Perspective

The parking management industry is rapidly adopting the use of technology. There has been an increase in what parking solution companies can achieve with their platforms and ease of use. However, with the rise of technology comes increased vulnerability. The need to adopt the best online security practices has never been more immense. And this…

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How to Approach Online Security in Parking Management

One of the most significant issues in the 21st century is cybersecurity. Information is a goldmine and access to information has a vast effect online. While businesses are set up to use customer information for building a better product, information criminals are waiting to use it for selfish reasons. Parking management is a business at…

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20 Years of Contactless Parking

Contactless Parking During COVID-19 Before the pandemic, people would choose where to park based on factors like location, price, accessibility, etc. Now that the risk of infection is on everyoneโ€™s minds, every business or institution that offers paid parking must prioritize something else for their customers: safety from Covid-19. In parking management, this means using…