How to Approach Online Security in Parking Management

How to Approach Online Security in Parking Management
How to Approach Online Security in Parking Management

One of the most significant issues in the 21st century is cybersecurity.

Information is a goldmine and access to information has a vast effect online. While businesses are set up to use customer information for building a better product, information criminals are waiting to use it for selfish reasons. Parking management is a business at risk of such information theft.

Parking management has advanced above only organizing and securing vehicles. Parking solution companies have adopted online practices like virtual payment, online booking, etc. With this, there is an increased level of information collected from the end-users, and there is the need to guard this sensitive data against reaching the wrong hands.

Data security is crucial to earning the trust of the end users. Because the end-users have to reveal personal information, which involves financial details, they are wary of your platform’s security level. The data collected by parking solution companies gets stored for immediate and future use.

For these reasons, parking management systems have become a target for hackers. Therefore, now more than ever, parking solution companies must find the best way to guard customer data.


There are several reasons why investing in online security is vital to parking solution companies. These reasons range from earning customer trust to protecting company image and law compliance. Here are some of the benefits of having solid online security for a parking solution company.

To have a secure platform

The world of technology experiences innovations daily. While that is a good thing, it also means an increased probability of hacking and data breaches. With this in mind, having a secure platform with regular security updates is vital for every parking solution company. A secure platform means that the company has reduced the risk of losing its information power to hackers.

It builds customer trust

When customers willingly release their information to your platform, they entrust you with their data. Information like financial details, names, and dates of birth gets stored on the platform after the first time of entry.

Every company must repay the customer’s trust by ensuring that this information is safe and secure. Customers will always trust a business that puts their needs ahead.

There are strict laws in different locations on unapproved use and losing customer data. Any company that breaches this law will likely pay a considerable fine, and its brand reputation will take a hit.


The business world is quickly adopting new technology, and parking management is not left behind. Customers like the ease that accompanies online transactions and bookings; therefore, it has become inevitable for every parking solution company to embrace the change. This means more investment in online security.

Companies can beef up data security by paying attention to the following:

Have strict and effective policies

Every business has its peculiarity, so security policies must be unique to operating and using customer information. There must be guiding policies for every staff on customer information. An organization’s size must also be an essential factor when developing security policies.

Documentation is key

Documentation is vital to help you in case of a data breach. With proper documentation, a company can always find out the exact point where the information fraud occurred. There are cases where the issue might not be the company’s fault, and it is only proper documentation that will help identify it.

Do not leave any issue unattended

One such case is when you outsource your platform security to a cyber-security company. You must know the details of how this security company is handling your customer’s information. You must see the data storage point, the mode of protection, and the transmission.

Get Experts to do the job

Data and information security is not an easy job. It could become overwhelming when a company is trying to manage the parking business and fight to protect customer data. To ensure a proper job in information security, it is advisable to hire experts to do the job.

If you already use an excellent parking management solution for your parking business, you will also enjoy information protection from the platform.

This is why OPS-COM is a reliable parking management solution, as they have a strong security plan for customer information.

OPS-COM has guiding policies that ensure that customer information does not get into the hands of hackers. These policies include different access levels for your staff based on roles, password policies, staff training, and more.

Different levels of access for each staff

OPS-COM defines each staff’s role and ensures that they do not access more than the level required for their job. Every team member will have a profile that falls into different categories, and privileges are granted based on individual roles. This way, there is a limited level of permission for each type. And in case of a breach, there will be easy tracing.

Password policies

One such policy is the use of hashed and salted encryption for storing passwords. Salted password hashing randomizes the digits assigned to user passwords, making it difficult for a hacker to decipher.

The salted password hashing also protects against unauthorized internal access to individual profiles, which can also be an issue. The administrator will be unable to view employee passwords.

Staff training

In most cases, data breaches occur when an individual on your team slacks. This is why it is important to regularly train every team member, updating them on new features and best security practices. OPS-COM can train your staff on using the software to know the best ways to ensure information security.

It is better to prepare for security breach attempts than to find yourself running helter-skelter when there is a breach. Asides from the losses that an information breach could cost your parking management company, there is also brand image and trust.

Customers will trust you with their information and recommend your platform to others.