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8 Powerful Reasons Why You Need Incident Management Plans And Policies

Procrastination, its human nature to procrastinate, especially when people are not quite sure exactly how to approach the task before them. But when it comes to incident management plans and policies, the time to develop an incident response plan is before a security breach occurs. So, that makes this so complex – but we’ll get to…

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School Parking: Generate Income by Optimizing Parking

School parking lots are essential for the smooth administration of your school; they are also an excellent source of passive income. They are usually located close to schools and universities and are often empty during non-peak hours. However, school parking lots are also a significant headache for students and parents alike. Parking lot owners constantly…

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Parking Management: Making Your Parking Profitable

Parking management is often the key to success for organizations and businesses with a physical location. As costs associated with running parking facilities continue to rise and as real estate becomes more expensive, parking lot owners are looking for ways to maximize the number of spaces they can put in their lots. However, improved design…

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What Is Smart Mobility?

Since the late 80s and early 90s, there has been tremendous growth in digital communication. One that has seen nations move from a mediocre city to envy among other countries. The present ways of communicating provide prospects for advancement in so many ways than we can imagine. Smart mobility isn’t one of the new words…

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Moving Away From Free Parking to a Reasonable Permit

Around the world, momentum is developing behind endeavors to bump out substantial parking garages, curbside parking, and carports for administrations and infrastructure for people on foot, cyclists, and public transportation. Yet, there are no sufficient efforts to encourage people to move away from free parking to a proper permit to help manage parking spaces and…

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How to Create and Implement a Parking Policy

The parking lot in your company is a vital resource. It is essential to how smoothly the company runs, and it aids the mobility management of the organization’s employees. However, it can also be a source of dissatisfaction and animosity within the company. For this reason, there must be rules that guide parking within the…