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8 Powerful Reasons Why You Need Incident Management Plans And Policies

Procrastination, it’s human nature to procrastinate, especially when people are not quite sure exactly how to approach the task before them. However when it comes to incident management plans and policies, the time to develop an incident response plan is before a security breach occurs. So,ย that makes this so complex – but weโ€™ll get to…

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Ways To Promote an Operational Security Program

Do you want to protect your organization from data breaches or incidents like theft and harassment? If yes, it is time to start implementing Operational Security (OpSec) programs. These programs should include training employees on protecting sensitive information, using encryption software, monitoring network traffic, installing antivirus software, updating operating systems, and other vital aspects. Operational…

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Use Alerting To Improve Incident Management Process

An incident management process will usually involve an escalation procedure for the different types of incidents. The most common type of escalation is from “minor” or “non-critical” incidents to “major” or “critical” incidents. For example, Staff may handle a minor problem with email not working as expected by sending a standard message to a support…

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Incident Management Tools Optimize Parking Operations

Incident Management Tools Your primary focus in incident management technology is to be able to better manage and document these incidents and others that can occur simultaneously in your parking lot. By making use of incident management tools, you can increase efficiency and be more effective. Ultimately, this will provide you with more control over…

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Incident Management – What You Need to Know

Incident Management and Security Threats Incident management ensures a level of insight that reduces liability and increases awareness. There have always been security threats to almost everything that is valuable, including human life. Incidents and accidents take place because of vulnerabilities in the system. For the most part criminals plan ahead of time and will…

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Incident Management Technology Improves Processes

Incident Management Technology Incident management technology is software that can be used to correlate and report on occurrences.  This will help security personnel to have a better insight into how such events influence daily operations. With the increasing number of people opting for all kinds of technology to help them in their daily operations, the expectations…