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Benefits to Effective Management of Your Office Building Parking Lots

The world’s urban population has seen a significant increase over the years. This increase is necessitated by some underlying factors, and the world’s urban population is estimated to exceed 9 billion by 2045. The number of vehicles on the road also multiplies and is estimated to hit 2 billion by 2040. Owing to this development, the…

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Ensure Optimum Security For College Students

College may be the time for college students to break out of their comfort zone and experience new things. But with freedom and independence comes personal responsibility, especially in scenarios regarding safety and security. While nearly one-third have no safety concerns, seven out of 10 college students say they worry about various safety-related situations like…

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What Is Smart Mobility?

Since the late 80s and early 90s, there has been tremendous growth in digital communication. One that has seen nations move from a mediocre city to envy among other countries. The present ways of communicating provide prospects for advancement in so many ways than we can imagine. Smart mobility isn’t one of the new words…

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Flexible Parking for Business: The Ultimate Guide

Developing parking space given future changes will give more alternatives for accommodating future developments. Parking designs that are available lately prevent constructions, carports, or in any event, parking garages from having the option to be repurposed into other uses. Utilizing a flexible pattern of parking spaces will better consider reuse or deconstruction as transportation modes…

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Smart Parking Generates New Revenue Streams

Undoubtedly, smart parking has made it easier for organizations and the government to manage parking spaces. Smart parking grew from a vision to today’s reality and has been accepted in almost all cities around the globe. Before smart parking, it’s been challenging for municipal administrators to solve parking issues. With fewer parking spaces and more…

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IoT For Efficient Parking Management: A Step Towards Smart Cities

As the world evolves and more cars appear on the road, the demand for parking has increased. Mismanagement of parking spaces in any organization causes disorderliness and inefficiency in managing cars in the lot, which can negatively impact the performance and overall profit that the organization should be making. Here is what we mean, assuming…