Strategies for Reducing Parking Costs

Strategies for Reducing Parking Costs
Strategies for Reducing Parking Costs

Driving a vehicle means you must park at one point; it is essential to the roadway system, and it can be a source of massive revenue to businesses and the government.

The demand for parking comes with more people moving into the city and growth in companies and organizations. Thinking about it, paying to park is important but can be a waste of money when it is expensive. But sometimes, there seems to be no choice.

Parking can mean spending a tremendous amount of money, especially in cities with high traffic. Looking for a good and affordable place to park has surpassed the issue of mobility. Most organizations and service-oriented businesses make sure free parking or reduced parking is available to their employees and customers.

The parking costs are removed indirectly from salaries or payments from service rendered. In schools, parking costs are indirectly incurred from tuition and other fees. In contrast, parking passes could be given to academic staff. High-rise apartments regulate parking by adding it to the cost of the apartment or having a fixed price they have to pay subsequently.  Metropolitans use a monthly, bi-annual, or annual pass to residents of the area to regulate parking.

No matter what kind of strategy you use, parking measures are usually cost-incurring. And a decrease in demand for parking spaces is the only way to handle the control of parking spaces. Many cars are on the road just sitting there, which creates parking spaces shortages, congestion of traffic, and increased parking charges.

One solution to the challenges facing parking customers and parking operators is finding common ground where costs are concerned. There is always the issue of how to increase revenue but at the same time cut costs. There are strategic ways to reduce parking costs that will benefit both the car owners and the operators.

Ridesharing And Carpooling Programs

These programs have turned out to be successful over time. Organizations may decide to give out the parking spots to the people that choose to participate in the ridesharing plans. That way, commuters can be matched together based on their work schedules or location of work. They can take turns driving too. This could promote easy benefits such as insurance, fuel management, and shared maintenance of the vehicle.

Organizations can also make a game out of alternative transits where commuters can decide to join in pairs or individually. Each group or participant will earn points whenever they use an alternative means of transit that does not involve parking a vehicle. These points can eventually earn them prizes, and ultimately, the participant with the highest point can win a grand prize.

Mode-Based initiatives 

Some programs such as these have been known to incite positive changes in different aspects of life. They can make positive changes for the organizations. An example is having an annual bike-to-work month or some other related initiatives. This can create a lot of excitement, giving participants something to look forward to. Adopting these methods will serve as a good branding opportunity for organizations and show their main goals and plans. It could also serve as an attraction for people that share their values. These kinds of challenges are more accepted by organizations that especially prefer younger and millennial employees.

Other initiatives such as the โ€˜earn-a-bikeโ€™ program allow people to get rewarded for committing to having many bicycle rides in a year. These rewards could come in vouchers, which can be used to get a new bicycle.

Although bad weather can affect these kinds of setups, on the days people do not have to cycle or walk, passes for public transportation will be a great idea.

Parking For Cash

This has proven to be one of the best ways to reduce parking costs because it decreases the demand for parking. Most organizations and businesses embrace this kind of program because it is simple and pretty straightforward. More prominent organizations and companies adopt this method to deal with the constant increase and need for parking spaces.

It works by offering members of an organization or employees- that have been assigned parking spaces- cash to allow them to use the spot. This could run for an amount of time, or it could be outright buying. Most people do not mind giving up their assigned parking spots as long as there is money involved.

One of the best advantages of this method is that employees will focus on alternative means of transportation such as ridesharing, carpooling, cycling, train rides, or public transport. At the same time, getting paid and using the money for other beneficial things. This would create a more innovative, environmental-friendly means of transit without having to worry about where or how to park your vehicles. And simultaneously allow these organizations to contribute to the environment indirectly.

Alternative Options

Searching for a new alternative means of local transportation such as cycling, public transport, walking, and cycling is a good option. Commuters can decide to park on a free street parking away from a regular car park and find another means to get to their destination. This will not only save money but give you less worry over parking spaces.

Walking is a beautiful alternative; it is not only easier, but it can also be a way to exercise and stay in great shape. Bike riding is a great alternative, as it lets you worry less about parking costs, and it is an excellent form of exercise. There are many reasons to consider using alternative options.

Of course, carpooling or vanpooling is a better option for people coming from a farther place. But cycling and walking are better if you live closerโ€”all these help in reducing parking costs.

Embrace technology

Technology can be used to reduce parking costs. It can also search ahead and find affordable spaces at reduced rates or designated parking spaces for people who are not using them at the moment. People can use apps like OPS-COM. This will allow people to know when they have parking space reserved for them or not. In these apps, some features will show notifications for when a parking space has become available. And also help them find other alternatives such as public packing when there is no open parking space. This can show employees the limitations that come with parking and decide on alternatives when necessary.

People can also access websites that allow them to find free street or garage parking. Some even offer you a discount if you pay in advance. These sites automatically find the most affordable parking space for you as soon as you get to a new area. Examples of such websites are ParkWhiz or parking panda.

Know Where You Are Going

In some cities, there is usually no need to pay parking fees on some days and times. You must understand the parking laws of where you intend to go so you can set your journey on the days you do not have to pay for parking.

Before you travel, there are places you can park your vehicle that will not make you spend as much as you would have on a regular parking spot. You can use websites to note the location for the best parking spots and compare prices.

Remote Working

Organizations and businesses can consider work-from-home options for their employees. Many flexible programs allow staff to work from home for a couple of days each week or month. This will enable employees to take personal days off when it is essential for them to be home, and subsequently removing more cars from the car parks.

This situation has to be with an employee you trust or those with particular conditions or positions, on the condition that it does not affect work productivity.

Disagree With Parking Tickets

Parking tickets can be a nuisance.

Lots of people do not even deserve the parking tickets they have to pay for. There are lots of applications that are built for dealing with wrong parking tickets issued. All you will need to do is send a photo of the ticket to a lawyer that will handle it.  Of course, some fees come with using these apps, but most of them offer full refunds if you actually have to pay for those tickets.


It is essential to consider using an alternative option when parking gets too high, because why pay so much to get a car parked.

The alternative opportunities such as walking, biking, cycling, public transportation etc., might not be for everybody. Still, it is better to keep options open to reduce stress and a large amount of money to park vehicles.

Having to think of parking spaces can create a high level of traffic, excessive parking charges and space shortage.

And big cities with big organizations and businesses will continuously increase in price due to its continuous space demand. The best thing is to consider better options that will consume less time and not stress you.