FinanceAdmin: Financial Tracking for your Parking Operation

FinanceAdmin: Financial Tracking for your Parking Operation
FinanceAdmin: Financial Tracking for your Parking Operation

FinanceAdmin offers the best of both worlds! It is a payment system that has been built specifically for the parking and security industry and works with your parking management solution. FinanceAdmin has modernized the world of financial tracking and accounts receivable for parking operations.

You’ll gain financial adaptability โ€“ helping your business grow and succeed.

Do you wish clients could manage their own parking spaces? What about 3rd party billing?

The new financial options will provide you with a wide range of automation in permit sales and reporting while maintaining our full PCI-DSS compliance.  Clients will now have the ability to receive invoices structured so that they lay out the details of those within the organization and what parking permits they are associated with.

  • Manage your parking permit distribution, online sales and now billing and invoicing all in one place
  • Simplify your billing with automatic payments through credit card, or EFT including monthly permit rollovers
  • Supports pro-rated pricing, refund options, and partial payments for flexible permit management
  • Supports multiple rate codes and permit types in your unlimited number of virtual parking lots
  • Link access cards to corporate client accounts – including individual client history
  • Full reporting features, customizable invoices, and PCI DSS secure payments

FinanceAdmin Payment Tracking & Other Benefits

Permit rollovers from one month to the next (or a custom time allocation) can be easily achieved.  This helps to reduce monthly load on the parking office as automation fulfills the duties of issuing necessary invoices.

With full PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry) certified payment provisioning, clients can make payments through the online portal further reducing the burden on the parking and security office.  In fact the FinanceAdmin module can also make automated EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) to your bank to settle corporate accounts.

The self managed parking functionality allows your corporate clients to allocate and manage permits specific to their organization.  With these clients serving as your third party parking office this helps to reduce staff time within your own organization.

Improve your offering and simplify your workload.

FinanceAdmin is designed to fully integrate with the OPS-COM platform.