New features will make parking management much easier for private companies

New features will make parking management much easier for private companies

New features will make private parking management much easier for companies

We recently blogged about how the entry point for private parking operations to manage violations is lower than many think.  Many private parking groups struggle with understanding if the technology used by that campuses and municipalities are viable for their operation.  We feel weโ€™ve always had a technology that is very accessible and practical for parking operations of all types and sizes. However, weโ€™ve recently made some changes. These make it easier to either start using a closed or private parking management system. It can also simplify a change to strategic parking planning.

Permit rollovers and better credit card options

Rolling over permits for your monthly parkers in a seamless way is important to customer satisfaction and ease of use.  It also means fewer concerns for your team to correct mistakes or missed revenue.  The changes to the OPS-COM system lets you automate permit payment from one activation period to the next seamlessly.  Permit holders who use payroll deductions for payment have payments made automatically with rollovers.

The OPS-COM system makes it easy to see payments processed automatically, and what will require a manual process.  It is also possible for users to simply and securely add multiple credit cards to the system. Then they can designate one as the primary card.  Admin users on your team can also add private credit card information to a user profile record.  Weโ€™ve added additional information on how to manage the permit rollovers and the additional credit cards on our website. It includes screenshots so you can see how easy the process is.

Simplified sales management

Giving your team the information they need at their fingertips helps simplify their job.  Weโ€™ve added a new โ€œSales Windowโ€ to help your team efficiently access what permit rollovers require a manual process. In addition, your team can see what permits are coming to their end date for example.  The page is customizable based on your individual needs and will let you monitor your sales progress easily.  To see how the new page works and what features are available, check out our Sales Window page.

Prorating your permits

Maximize options for customers by allowing for proration of permits in your parking management system.  If a customer applies for a permit part way through a month or a school semester.  For example, designated admin users have the ability to reduce the price of the permit for a shorter than the standard period.  By changing the permit start date, the system recalculates the amount owing for the first payment based on the time remaining for the first payment cycle.  We have screenshots showing the prorating permit process on our website.

We are continually making changes and updates to our system which are designed to make your experience and operations better as well as help you deliver a positive experience to your customers.  You can stay on top of what weโ€™re doing on our public Wiki, or sign up for our newsletter.  If you have suggestions or questions about the features of our system, feel free to contact us.