ParkAdmin re-branded to OperationsCommander

ParkAdmin re-branded to OperationsCommander
ParkAdmin re-branded to OperationsCommander

The software application formerly known as ParkAdmin has been re-branded to OperationsCommander. As a result, the re-branding means ParkAdmin itself becomes a module of the more extensive system. During its life, ParkAdmin grew into something much more substantial than just a parking application. Due to now using this tool for the management of Violations, Lockers, Incidents, and plenty of other add-on system modules.

The name ParkAdmin simply did not signify the full feature set of the application,” said CEO Robin Mulloy about the re-branding. “We wanted a name that represented the power and functional set of the system. The name OperationsCommander better represents the power and utility of the software.

Hence, all Tomahawk staff were quick to agree that OperationsCommander is a more powerful and descriptive name. As a result, it represents the full complement of modules the system supports. OperationsCommander helps to reduce the cost and burden of manual permit administration, violation enforcement, and incident reporting. It does this by automating your parking and security management. As a result, it is generating more income. Especially relevant, OPS-COM provides a full-service, cloud-based parking and security platform that can scale to your operation.

We’ve updated the tagline to Take command of your Operations!

Park Admin

ParkAdmin – Parking Management Made Easy

Sell, track, and manage all types of permits online effortlessly and cost-effectively

User-Friendly | Flexible | Secure

Incident Admin

IncidentAdmin – Enhanced Incident Management

Comprehensive reporting to pull statistics, manage caseloads and relate incidents within your facility.

Accurate | Extensive | Dependable

Violation Admin

 ViolationAdmin – Innovative Violation Management

Violation Admin provides a robust all-in-one solution to manage and resolve offenses on your property.

Wireless | Digital | Automatic

Along with Text2ParkMe offering text/SMS based parking

Text/SMS based parking is now an integrated feature of OperationsCommander (OPS-COM). Which is a complete parking and security management software solution.

Text2ParkMe allows users to pay for temporary parking with a simple text message, with no need for apps. Due to its complete integration into the parking and security management software platform.

Integration is as simple as printing up and mounting signs around serviced parking lots.  The technical setup involves only selecting an appropriate phone number to print on the signs.  Once a phone number is selected, and signs installed, clients can simply text requests to the supplied phone numbers. They can then follow the system prompts.

Since users can self-manage their profiles through the OPS-COM web portal, it is a simplified process. Therefore, it reduces the need for administrative staff to assist with parking inquiries and payments.

As parking solutions are at the forefront of many colleges, universities, and public centers’ agendas, this mobile solution is a crucial component in OPS-COM. Finally, a technologically advanced, painless parking solution is available to meet the needs of growing businesses across the country. Carleton University in Ottawa Ontario was the first pioneer to upgrade its existing OPS-COM suite with Text2ParkMe. Furthermore, now a simple text message is just another alternative solution for past temporary parking payment issues on campus.