Advancements for Parking Citations

Advancements for Parking Citations
Advancements for Parking Citations

Did you know innovative Android technology is emerging when it comes to ticketing and parking citations for patrol officers?

This Android parking enforcement technology makes processing parking citations and infraction issuance easy with any smartphone or wireless tablet. Enhancing the administrator user interface and creating more accurate citations that are 80% faster to produce.

Technology geared toward helping organizations get the best parking ROI to suit any organizationโ€™s unique requirements. There are many advantages because no two organizations have the same needs.

What’s the Benefit of Parking Citations?

With restrictions on WIFI and costly add-on hardware kept the old handheld models unsuccessful. Limiting the interface capabilities and causes a higher chance of error within the system. The use of a physical docking station for updates is much less efficient as well.

When you factor in cost, which tips around the $3,500.00 mark, the old model for parking citations are limiting and inflexible.

The new line of technology utilizes tablets along with a Bluetooth belt printer. This helps to increase savings for organizations by $2,500.00 per unit, coming in at just $1,000.00.  This decreases loss prevention methods as there is less expensive equipment incurring damages, or getting lost in the field.

Tablets allow for real-time sync capabilities. Therefore, reducing the need for docking and adds the functionality of imagery to violations creating more legitimate fines.

How it Works!

As soon as a patrol officer logs in, the unit automatically synchronizes with the parking control system. It creates an up-to-date real-time database of infraction information. If the patrol officer leaves WIFI coverage, you can switch the unit to a cellular network and will continue its real-time status.

If cellular functionality is not available or wasnโ€™t selected, you are using the last sync until the unit comes back into range with the WIFI network. At that point, synchronization happens again, but it only syncs changes, which saves time and resources.

Whether you are monitoring a parking lot of 30 spaces or 300, this technology creates a user-friendly domain for all parties. Utilization is for public parking garages, schools, large-scale corporations, and institutions, along with law enforcement agencies everywhere.

As push along with further future development, one thing is for sure – monitoring levels will continue to increase in efficiency. The OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) ViolationAdmin module implements this technology as a helpful tool for the future of parking citations and violation infraction issuance in every category!

The technology incorporated into the OPS-COM system serves as a simple reminder that this is the year for parking citation advancement!

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