Benefits of Investing in Parking Management Systems

Benefits of Investing in Parking Management Systems
Benefits of Investing in Parking Management Systems

Parking management without a parking management system can be difficult and complex. Due to its’ difficulty, you should invest in parking systems that help make this task easier for you and your team. Such software systems provide digital solutions that help to reduce complexities related to parking. It will provide you with ample benefits that can easily motivate and persuade you to opt for parking system software. This software allows an improved customer experience through digitization and automation.

This blog will help to understand the benefits of a management system and platforms that have become central worldwide.

Parking Management System ROI

The introduction and implementation of a new parking management system is one of the most significant factors in contributing to a better return on investment (ROI) for your business. It makes use of technology that will help reduce the costs, as well as provide a clear value proposition. By understanding the economies of scale aspect, you can reduce the traditional, and the longer-term, costs. The reduction will allow you to achieve a realistic ROI in a shorter period.

Minimal Training

Installing a parking management system for the first time in your parking area or space when moving away from the old traditional methods requires the consensus of employees and the staff who would be using it 24/7. They need to be comfortable with the change and willing to learn new things through various training sessions. Therefore, employee buy-in is crucial.

However, the good point about investing in a proper parking control systems is that they can be easily installed and have a minimal set of training available from the software manufacturer. The systems are easy to implement and use. They will allow everybody on the team to co-exist in a low training landscape and will also improve the entire operational process by making it more streamlined.

Parking Management Results

One of the benefits of investing in parking management system is that it delivers outcomes that are desirable. Also, it delivers a parking environment that can be handled with ease by both the management team, and their customers. These parking control systems not only offer the ticketing machines system but also provide solutions tailored to individual needs. That leads to positive changes, less parking fraud and desirable results in the end.

Parking System Improves Security

Focusing on the security aspect of parking is essential to these parking management systems. Car theft has been a problem in many parking areas around the world. These systems, therefore, develop the products which have car theft dynamics built in them and can help car park managers understand the location and coverage of these systems, thus providing an improved security benchmark.

Until recently, managing a parking system was a tedious task that had to be performed manually. However, automation software has simplified things to make parking system management easier. Implementing automated parking systems has benefited many municipalities and lot owners while making it easier for drivers to find parking.

The Need for Parking System Software

There is a need for parking system software across municipalities. As an essential attribute in different walks of life, parking systems must be able to quickly and easily generate tickets. Furthermore, the software used should be smart enough to regulate traffic at any point in time. This regulation can be in residential spaces, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, and other public places.

There is a need for parking system software across municipalities. As an essential attribute in different walks of life, parking systems must be able to quickly and easily generate tickets. Furthermore, the software used should be smart enough to regulate traffic at any point in time. This regulation can be in residential spaces, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, and other public places.

A modern parking application can ensure greater compliance and revenue. The application will guarantee that everybody pays their fair share and those who break the rules receive fines. The transformation of parking technologies has given birth to integrated equipment software that offers the best solutions to the parking-related complications.

Advanced parking management software makes regulating the entry and exit of vehicles in the parking facility appropriate, comfortable, and adjustable. The makes it easy for the authorities to enhance their parking system and manage free-flowing vehicles throughout the day.

How Parking System Software Can Guarantee Enforcement

With parking application software, it is easier to generate tickets and guarantee parking enforcement. In the past, parking systems relied on meters, pocket change, and analog systems to monitor a given area. While analog systems have worked to a certain degree, they can be beaten relatively easily, resulting in the loss of considerable revenue.

On the other hand, modern software-based parking systems allow people to pay using their smartphones while keeping tabs on parking rights with cloud-storage databases that are operational 24/7. This guarantees that everybody pays what they should when they should and that violators receive penalties. Considering the omnipresence of technology in our everyday lives, parking system software is the perfect solution for municipalities looking to update their parking enforcement system. Following are some of the benefits of using parking system software.

Manage Compliance

With parking control software, parking enforcement officers can make great use of license plate numbers, which are present on every vehicle. The license plate number on a car can be used to monitor that specific vehicle. Parking enforcement officers will know within seconds of loading a license plate number to the database using their license plate recognition cameras whether the car has proper rights for its’ space. This ensures a compliance system that can guarantee enforcement.

Improve Enforcement and Make Money

Not only does parking control software make parking enforcement more efficient, but it also improves public relation by ensuring more satisfied visitors and daily commuters. And, the best part is that this software is more cost-effective and sustainable than older systems, where upgrading is not possible. So, this means that parking software not only improves enforcement but also injects new capital into local budgets.

3rd party parking management can seem like a good idea if you are self-managing your parking using Admin staff to maintain spreadsheets that record all the permit sales.  Because the ordering of hang tags and decals is costly and administratively cumbersome. Applying this solution doesnโ€™t take into account who will provide enforcement which could make ROI questionable due to high costs. Options are available for organizations requiring solutions to manage their parking problems.

Outsourcing to a 3rd Party Parking Management Firm

Outsourcing the staff, the system or both is an option. However, that requires careful analysis of ROI considerations. Every couple of years you must evaluate the 3rd party parking management firm and ensure they are doing the best for your organization and generating revenues that make sense from a business perspective. If it isnโ€™t, then you need to search out either another supplier or start from scratch again.

In some cases, 3rd party vendors will not allow you to migrate your data, or they put it in a proprietary format that you canโ€™t easily use. Starting over can be more costly due to the time and process already invested.  Hence, the process could be extremely troublesome in the long term.


  • You will not have to deal with the parking system or staff, and you can focus on other tasks


  • Integration with other in-house software systems is often problematic and in most cases canโ€™t be done
  • 3rd party costs for dealing with all software and personnel are higher, reducing all revenues that come in-house.
  • Staff replacement can be more difficult and cumbersome when performance issues arise
  • Contract renewals with 3rd party parking management can be time-consuming and create unwarranted problems creating extra administrative costs
  • Customer satisfaction and end-user experience can be negatively impacted by changes, due to 3rd party turnarounds.
  • New signage and branding of consumables and hardware may be required if a change is required. This adds to long-term costs.
  • Without control of staffing, high turnover rates may be a factor.  You will be left dealing with an external HR for all staffing issues and have less information or say on applicants and employees for highly sensitive personal data

OperationCommander Offers a Total Solution

Unlike 3rd party parking management firms, OPS-COM gives you ownership of the whole package giving you long-term hassle-free parking management.  The system supports both an administration interface and a user portal.  This allows organization administrators to manage system resources and also allows users to self-manage through a cloud-based tool.

Another benefit of the system is customization based on existing business processes, offering a scalable multi-faceted software solution.


  • Your organization will purchase and license a system
  • It is a modular product, so you only purchase what you need
  • It is a hosted solution. There is no need for you to monitor technology in-house
  • It is easy to use and extremely user-friendly, cutting down on training time
  • Site-specific modifications allow integration with in-house software and custom reports for a more thorough and efficient parking management system
  • Android and Bluetooth printers are cost-effective and easily replaced in the event of breakage or technology upgrades
  • Annual or multi-year contracts for hosting and support are available
  • Unlike many other parking management systems, OPS-COM offers unlimited Admin users
  • With internal staffing you allow:
    • Your organization monitors a productive team
    • lower turnover resulting in less training and higher ROI
    • reduced costs from externally searching for 3rd party management
    • full control of all costs associated with parking management

In conclusion, you will experience significant cost savings and improved efficiency through a properly managed, in-house system with a higher ROI.

Outsourced Staffing While Using OPS-COM

Organizations can consider out-sourcing staffing with OPS-COM since the solution provides the tools to manage parking and security. However, there are many things to consider when evaluating your outsourcing options.


  • You own the system. This means full administrative control
  • The OPS-COM system is the standard and never needs to be replaced
  • Staff training is consistent
  • There can be less internal overhead if carefully managed
  • Staffing and HR are under outside control this may mean fewer headaches for you
  • You can leverage a more extensive field of third-party organizations from staffing agencies to security guard companies to parking service suppliers


  • In addition to the Cons already considered with outsourcing above you will need to consider further that staffing costs will be approximately double depending on the agency used. Prices depend on many factors, from the presence of Unions to existing wage restrictions which could ultimately affect your bottom line.
  • It makes good business sense to have a stable, consistent platform to manage your parking needs allowing your organization to grow in the future and while maximizing parking profits
  • No matter what the needs of your organization, OPS-COM will simplify your life