Create an Effective Parking Enforcement Program

Create an Effective Parking Enforcement Program

Parking enforcement is a necessity in the parking industry. Advanced parking management systems are quickly spreading worldwide. There are vast improvements to be made based on technology and the introduction of new parking systems. Consequently, these improvements will greatly expand the parking permitting abilities for universities, hospitals, municipalities, and airports. As these systems grow, the parking industry continues to adapt alongside the changes.

To implement all these changes an effective parking enforcement program is necessary. Your program acts as the glue, without which the whole parking & violations system will not be as successful.

When analyzing different aspects of the parking management system, it is necessary to pay close attention to the enforcement program. Combined efforts must be made for the enforcement, collection, and appeal processesย involved in the program. They should be designed above all to be fair, consistent, and strict, and must apply penalties to any non-payers.

To make your parking & violations program more effective, here are a few recommendations that we have for you:

Prepare Guidelines

Guidelines are a set of directions that highlight the processes necessary to use your parking enforcement program. Furthermore, this should be carefully prepared and adhered to. Having enforcement officers follow these guidelines will make the parking enforcement program effective, equitable, and fair. It will allow every officer to do the job in the same way, and thus maintain consistency. Review these guidelines on a regular basis to include the use of new tools that can benefit the parking management system.

Development of Enforcement Patrols

With the help of a knowledgeable patrol officer, you can get these patrols examined. In the end, you will be provided with a better picture of how to reorganize your patrols, and your staff assignments, and identify the particular time of the day when maximum coverage is needed. With the right analytics, this strategy will help make your enforcement program more successful.

Scheduling and Assignment

This is one of the most important recommendations that you can receive regarding the enforcement program. Therefore, the scheduling and designation of patrol officers are extremely necessary and it should be based on historic reporting details that are easily identified with a technology solution; most importantly hotspots, peak periods, and common issues will be easier to manage.

Development of Officers

When the processes and strategy are developed the next most important thing is to continually develop and train your officers. This training includes new tools and systems introduced in the market including devices that use real-time shared data so all enforcement officers are simultaneously working with the exact same information. Keeping them updated is of the utmost importance. This will help them understand their job requirements. Training will keep the job satisfaction level and morale high among the officers.